Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot
Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' - Succulents Depot

Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose'

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Graptoveria ‘Lovely Rose’ is a rare Korean succulent that resembles a rose with long stalks and petals in the shape of a rose. A monstrose form of Graptoveria Titubans Graptoveria are hybrid crosses between Graptopetalum and Echeveria. Due to this mixed parentage, they form a diverse genus, but most are low growing, cultivated for their beautiful shapes and colours. They produce stemless, clump-forming rosettes with thick leaves.

This plant has a rosette of leaves and can grow up to 6 inches in diameter. Leaves are very particular: fleshy, obovate pointed at the apex, silver-green glaucous in color. The rosette is compact and leaves tend to close toward the center taking on a shape similar to the rose blossom, for this reason this hybrid is called ‘Lovely Rose’.

The succulent can grow lonely or in clumps depending on climate conditions. This hybrid is very rare and appreciated by collectors for its particular color. For its resemblance to the rose flower it is usually used like a centerpiece.


Care Tips

Light: Lovely Rose is a succulent species that likes sunlight very much. The normal growth color is yellow-green, and when it receives sufficient light, it will turn pink or bright red, which makes the lovely rose extremely ornamental at this time. When raising a lovely rose, you can condition the intensity of light according to your needs. However, it is important to keep more than 5 hours of sunlight per day to keep the rose in color. In the hot summer and early autumn when the light is strong, proper shade is needed to avoid sunburning the leaves. The rest of the season is the more light the better, without worrying about it being sunburned. Adequate light will also prevent the lovely rose from growing. 

Water: The humidity of the potting soil should not be too high and there is a great fear of waterlogging in the pot. Therefore, when we are raising Lovely Rose, we water them and try to wait until the potting soil is dry and then water them once more thoroughly, following principle of "not dry, not watering" to avoid potting soil water, which does not allow them to grow normally and also makes the colors of Lovely Rose more vibrant.

Soil: Like to grow in loose, fertile, and well-drained soil that is not easily caked, and can be prepared with a mixture of peat, coconut coir and granular soil.

Potting: Choose high pots, and the bottom of the pot needs to have drainage holes. Lovely Rose are not particularly large, the pot does not need to be too large, in addition do not choose which small diameter pots will affect the growth.

Temperature: Optimal growth temperature between 59 - 68°F (15 -20 ℃), the growth period is mainly in the spring and autumn, summer and winter to control the temperature, the highest summer can not be higher than 95°F (35 ℃), timely ventilation and cooling, the lowest winter can not be lower than 41°F (5 ℃), timely moved to indoor maintenance to keep warm.

Humidity: Lovely Rose grows well in average household humidity levels when grown indoors. Does not like too much humidity. Normal household humidity is good for this plant.


Shipping & Handling

    • The 2 Inch Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose' plants are shipped with the pot and soil
    • The 4 Inch and larger plants are shipped bare roots without the pot and soil:
    • You will receive a very similar plant to the one shown in the photos; shape and color may vary
    • Ship within USA & its outlying territories only
    • Please visit Order Processing & Shipping info page for additional details


    Care Instructions

    Please visit our Succulent Care info page for more details.

    To ensure the health of succulents, it is important to plant them in porous, well-draining soil. Succulents require little watering, but don't like to sit in wet soil. To create an adequate cactus mix, simply add pumice, perlite, or grit to cactus soil to provide the proper drainage.

    Make sure to leave drought periods between waterings to prevent the plant from water-logging.


    Weather Conditions

    • When ordering, be mindful that living succulents can be damaged by the cold weather.
    • If you live in an area that is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, please add a shipping warmer to your order or consider purchasing plant until the weather is more suitable.
    • Shipping Warmer: 72+ Hours Heat Packs available for $1.7 each

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