Thanks for your purchase! I hope that your plants arrived in good condition. 


When unwrapping the plants, beware of any spines and sharp spikes and edges. If not done carefully, it could cause minor puncture to your fingers and hand.

Please carefully and gently unwrap your plants and remove the packing materials. Some fallen leaves and nodes due to packing, transit, or unwrapping is expected, I appreciate your understanding and thanks for your meticulous care of the plants.

If you received the plants bare root, immediately pot them in a container with a drainage hole and well-draining succulent and cactus soil mix.


If your plants were shipped with the pot and soil, avoid repotting them in the first month. Some of these plants, such as Variegated String of Pearls and String of Hearts, are very delicate. We want to minimize any disturbance to their roots.

While meticulously packaged, the plants might still be unhappy with being in a dark box for a long time. Some may look dull, wilted, or dry at arrival. We typically try to keep the plants and roots dry when they are shipped, as excessive moisture might cause the plants to rot. Thanks for your understanding.

You may water the plants if the roots and soil are dry. Give them a few days to recover, and they should perk up after getting a good soak from watering. Do not overwater delicate plants such as Variegated String of Pearls and String of Hearts as that may lead to rotting.


These are greenhouse grown plants, so they need to get acclimated to sunlight gradually. Keep them in indirect sunlight or shade with good air circulation, and slowly introduce them to direct sunlight.

For additional tips and instructions, please visit our Succulent Care page 

Please contact us at for any questions and concerns. 

I hope you have a great experience shopping with us. Enjoy your new plants!

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