Packaging & Handling

Vast majority of our plants shown in 4 Inch pot and above are shipped bare roots (See below for more details).

Most plants shown in 2 Inch pots are shipped in their original plastic pots with soil because they are small and are less subject to damaging during transit.

We carefully wrap each plant with wrapping paper and place them securely inside the box. Then, we fill the remaining space in the box with newsprint paper, air pillows, or crinkle paper to ensure the plants don't move around during shipping, and hence minimize shipping shock.

Shipping with Pots

The plants listed below are shipped with the pot and soil to ensure that they can stay healthy through transit:

  • Most plants shown in 2 Inch pot (exclusion applies, some 2 Inch plants are shipped bare root to provide better protection)
  • String of Pearls in 2 Inch and 4 Inch pot
  • Variegated String of Pearls
  • String of Hearts
  • Variegated String of Hearts
  • Learn More

Shipping Bare Roots

Shipping bare roots and soft paper wrapping provide the following benefits:

  • Prevent broken parts, fracture, scuffing, and fallen nodes/leaves
  • Minimize residual moisture within the package
  • Prevent soil getting into the leaves and causing a big mess
  • Reduce shipping weight and the cost that our customers pay

Shipping Practices

In order for our plants to arrive at your front door in great condition, we have established the following shipping practices to ensure a safe arrival: 

  • The succulents are removed from their nursery pots, stripped of their soil, and set aside to dry if necessary.
  • Each succulent is then wrapped in paper to protect them during transit. It serves two purposes; a) to protect the plants from one another and b) to wick away any residual moisture from the root system.
  • The wrapped plants are then packed into a cardboard shipping box. The voids within the box are filled with eco-friendly newspaper and magazine paper, in order to prevent movement of the plants within the box, and hence minimize shipping shock.

While this process requires a significant time investment, we feel it's the best way to demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality plants in great condition.

We handpick the succulents and only ship out the most beautiful and healthy specimens. If you have any concern about the health and shape of your plants, please contact us immediately. We are always here to answer your questions.

Shipping Rates

Our shipping rates are calculated based on the total weight of purchased items. Free Shipping is available when your order total is $49 or higher.

If your order is over 1 lb, the shipping rates will be charged at the next full pound rounded up. For example, if the current items in your cart weigh 1.2 lb, you could add more plants to your cart up to a total weight of 2 lb without incurring extra shipping cost.

Here are some weight range for different sizes of plants. The actual weight for each item might vary:

2 Inch Plants - 0.15 - 0.2 lb each

4 Inch Plants - 0.3 - 0.4 lb each

6 Inch Plants - 0.5 - 0.7 lb each

8 Inch Plants - 0.7 - 1.2 lb each

Order Processing

Plant orders are shipped within 1-3 business days from the date of purchase. We thank you for your patience as we are always working as hard as possible to pack and ship your orders.

The reason why order processing could take up to 3 business days is because when plants are removed from the soil in preparation for packaging and shipping, we need to wait for the plants and roots to dry out. This can ensure that they can stay healthy over the course of transit.

Occasionally, additional processing time may be required for restocking inventory between our nursery and store.

Additional processing time may be required during Sale or Promotional periods due to above average order volume.

If you need your order urgently, please contact us via chat or to inquire about estimated handling time before you make your purchase.  

Combined Shipping

If you place multiple orders within a short time frame, we may combine your orders and ship all your items in one package. A refund is not automatically given because each order requires time and labor to process, and in many occasions, combined shipping cost is only marginally lower because of the increase in shipping weight or possible Priority Mail shipping upgrade.

Shipping Methods and Transit Time

We ship our plants Monday through Friday, all twelve months of the year.

We partner and ship our orders with multiple major USPS carriers, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. During the checkout process, you could select the shipping service that you prefer, and we'll try our best to accommodate your request. When we ship out the orders, there are cases that we might change and upgrade your shipping service to 2 day shipping, such as FedEx 2Day Express, without further notice.

Please note that these shipping times are simply estimates and may take longer than anticipated. Succulents Depot has no control over what happens to packages after they are in the possession of the shipping carrier. If your order takes longer than the expected due to a mishap with the shipping carrier, don't panic; succulents are very hardy and can handle shipping durations of a week to 10 days quite easily.

Receiving and Opening Your Package

While meticulously packaged, the plants might still be unhappy with being in a dark box for a long time. Therefore, some may look slightly dull and wilted. Therefore, right after you receive the package, open it immediately.

Carefully and gently remove the packing materials. Don't put the plants in sunlight immediately. These are greenhouse grown succulents, so they need to get acclimated to sunlight gradually. Keep them in shade or indirect sunlight, and slowly introduce them to direct sunlight.

Give the plants a few days to recover, then repot if necessary and start watering. If you receive the plants bare root, immediately pot them in succulent and cactus soil mix, then follow the same instructions above. The plants should perk up after getting a good soak from watering.

Visit our Succulent Care page for additional info and tips.

Shipping in Summer

It is the responsibility of customers residing in areas subject to extreme heat waves to plan the shipments until the weather is safe for shipping. Please leave a note in your order or contact us to postpone or reschedule your shipments. Extremely high temperature can cause the plants to rot and die. Make sure to retrieve the packages as soon as they are delivered. Don't let the packages sit under direct sunlight for more than an hour.

⚠️ Succulents Depot is not responsible for damage done to plants by extreme weather. We cannot control the weather. Order at your own risk.

Shipping in Winter

It is the responsibility of customers residing in areas subject to freezing weather to purchase a Heat Pack. While heat packs do not guarantee protection from frost, they will help prevent damage from occurring. Make sure to retrieve the packages as soon as they are delivered. Don't let the packages sit under direct sunlight for more than an hour.

Heat Packs can be ordered here:

⚠️ Succulents Depot is not responsible for damage done to plants by extreme weather. We cannot control the weather. Order at your own risk.

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