Size Definition

Most plants are shown in 2 Inch pots (square), 4 Inch pots (round or square), 6 Inch pots (round), and 8 Inch pots (round).

The Size option, such as 2 Inch, 4 Inch, etc., typically represents the size of the pot that the plant is shown in. In most cases, it does not represent the width, length, or height of the plant, with some exceptions:

- Monkey Tail Cactus: The size represents the length of the cactus

- Some columnar cactus / cacti plants

- Certain plants that are shown without a pot

Letter Suffix in Size

When a letter is added to the size value (Example: 2 Inch #A or 4 Inch #B), it represents different variants of the same size. The meaning could vary depending on the type of plant. The corresponding listing photos of each size variant provide the best representation of the plants that you'll receive.

The letter suffix could represent one or more of the following:

- Differences in plant maturity and/or fullness

- Differences in plant size and/or shape

- Differences in style and/or color

- Differences in amount of variegation

- Unrooted cuttings vs. rooted plants


Packaging & Handling

Vast majority of our plants shown in 4 Inch or larger pots are shipped bare roots (See below fore more details).

Most plants shown in 2 Inch pots are shipped in their original plastic pots with soil because they are small and are less subject to damaging during transit.

We carefully wrap each plant with wrapping paper and place them securely inside the box. Then, we fill the remaining space in the box with newsprint paper, air pillows, or crinkle paper to ensure the plants don't move around during shipping, and hence minimize shipping shock.

Shipping with Pots

The plants listed below are shipped with the pot and soil to ensure that they can stay healthy through transit:

  • Most plants shown in 2 Inch pot (exclusion applies, some 2 Inch plants are shipped bare root to provide better protection)
  • String of Pearls in 2 Inch and 4 Inch pot
  • Variegated String of Pearls
  • String of Hearts
  • Variegated String of Hearts
  • Learn More

Shipping Bare Roots

Shipping bare roots and soft paper wrapping provide the following benefits:

  • Prevent broken parts, fracture, scuffing, and fallen nodes/leaves
  • Minimize residual moisture within the package
  • Prevent soil getting into the leaves and causing a big mess
  • Reduce shipping weight and the cost that our customers pay

Quality Guarantee

100% Satisfaction