Shipping Practices

In order for our plants to arrive at your front door in great condition, we have established the following shipping practices to ensure a safe arrival: 

  • The succulents are removed from their nursery pots, stripped of their soil, and set aside to dry if necessary.
  • Each succulent is then wrapped in tissue paper to protect them during transit. The tissue paper serves two purposes; a) to protect the plants from one another and b) to wick away any residual moisture from the root system.
  • The wrapped plants are then packed into a cardboard shipping box. The voids within the box are filled with eco-friendly newspaper and magazine paper, in order to prevent movement of the plants within the box, and hence minimize shipping shock.

While this process requires a significant time investment, we feel it's the best way to demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality plants in great condition.

We handpick the succulents and only ship out the most beautiful and healthy specimens. If you have any concern about the health and shape of your plants, please contact us immediately. We are always here to answer your questions


Shipping Bare Roots and Shipping with Pots

Shipping bare roots and soft paper wrapping provide the following benefits:

  • Prevent broken parts, fracture, scuffing, and fallen nodes/leaves
  • Minimize residual moisture within the package
  • Prevent soil getting into the leaves and causing a big mess
  • Reduce shipping weight and the cost that our customers pay

Some plants shown in 2" pots are shipped in their original plastic pots with soil because they are small and are less subject to damaging during transit.

When a shipping box contains multiple plants, we carefully wrap each individual plant in tissue paper, then fill the remaining space in the box with eco-friendly newspaper and magazine paper to ensure the plants don't move around during shipping, and hence minimize shipping shock.

Quality Guarantee

100% Satisfaction