Echeveria 'Devotion'
Echeveria 'Devotion'
Echeveria 'Devotion'
Echeveria 'Devotion'
Echeveria 'Devotion'
Echeveria 'Devotion'
Echeveria 'Devotion'

Echeveria 'Devotion'

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Echeveria ‘Devotion’ is native to Mexico. It is a succulent plant of the genus Echeveria DC. in the Crassulaceae family. The whole plant has fine and short tomentum, and the leaves are thick. In the cool season in full sun, the leaf margins and upper parts of the leaves are deep red, with a bright red color at the top of the leaf margins. In winter and early spring, bunches of small orange-red flowers bloom in a beautiful interplay.

The plant has branched thin stems that are round and rod-shaped, covered with reddish-brown hairs. The thick leaves are oblanceolate and rosette-shaped, alternating with the upper branches, and the leaves at the base of the plant are often shed over many years of cultivation. The leaves are spreading (green) and the surface is densely covered with white (fine short hairs). In cool periods of full sun conditions, the leaf margins and the upper part of the leaves are dark red. Winter and early spring open its thick, succulent leaves are covered with fine, short white hairs, the top of the leaf margins are bright red, and winter and early spring bloom out of a string of orange-red flowers is exceptionally beautiful.


Care Tips

Light: Echeverias need at least 4 to 5 hours of direct sunlight every day to stay healthy and looking good. If they don’t receive enough sunlight they’ll become leggy and elongated as they adapt and reach towards the closest source of light.

Succulents also lose their colors without enough sunlight. The combination of heat in the morning and the cold weather at night helps to bring out the deepest color of the plant. So keep your Echeveria’s original beautiful shape and color by displaying it in enough sunlight.

Water: Drought tolerant, keep the soil dry during the growing period, do not water too much, just slightly wet. Too much watering will cause the plant to grow and its beauty to decline, and if the ventilation is not good and the soil is excessively moist for a long time, the roots will easily rot. In summer, when the plant enters a short dormant period, water it once a month in small amounts, avoid letting the plant be washed by heavy rain, and moderate watering in winter to prevent root rot.

Soil: It prefers sandy soil with good drainage, which helps the roots to breathe smoothly and promote better root growth and development.

Potting: It is recommended to use ceramic pots. Ceramic pots have a certain degree of permeability. Clay pots lose water too quickly, plastic pots tend to retain water for too long and permeability is poor.

Temperature: Echeveria Devotion thrives in hot, dry conditions. For the most part, they do not tolerate cold temperatures or cold drafts well and too much humidity can lead to root rot. During the spring and summer months, your indoor Echeveria Devotion needs temperatures of between 65 and 80°F (18 – 27°C). During the winter, a few degrees lower will be ideal. Outdoors, this succulent loves warm summers of at least 19°C or 20°C.

Humidity: Echeveria Devotion grows well indoors in average room conditions with around 40% – 50% humidity.

Shipping & Handling

    • The 2 Inch Echeveria 'Devotion' plants are shipped with the pot and soil
    • The 4 Inch and larger plants are shipped bare roots without the pot and soil:
    • You will receive a very similar plant to the one shown in the photos; shape and color may vary
    • Ship within USA & its outlying territories only
    • Please visit Order Processing & Shipping info page for additional details


    Care Instructions

    Please visit our Succulent Care info page for more details.

    To ensure the health of succulents, it is important to plant them in porous, well-draining soil. Succulents require little watering, but don't like to sit in wet soil. To create an adequate cactus mix, simply add pumice, perlite, or grit to cactus soil to provide the proper drainage.

    Make sure to leave drought periods between waterings to prevent the plant from water-logging.


    Weather Conditions

    • When ordering, be mindful that living succulents can be damaged by the cold weather.
    • If you live in an area that is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, please add a shipping warmer to your order or consider purchasing plant until the weather is more suitable.
    • Shipping Warmer: 72+ Hours Heat Packs available for $1.7 each

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