Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts - Succulents Depot
Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts - Succulents Depot
Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts - Succulents Depot
Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts - Succulents Depot
Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts - Succulents Depot
Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts - Succulents Depot
Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts - Succulents Depot

Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts

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Ceropegia woodii String of Hearts is a succulent plant of the genus Chandelieria in the family Lauraceae. It is native to South Africa and Zimbabwe. It has a beautiful leaf shape and color, and has some ornamental value.

The heart-shaped leaves in bunches are often taken as a symbol of love and easily attract people's attention. In addition to the lovely heart-shaped leaves, another characteristic is that a round tuber grows from the base of the petiole of the mature plant, looking like a string of rosary beads, hence the name Rosary Vine.

The leaves are 0.75 in. long and 0.6 in. wide, with a gray reticulate pattern on the leaf surface and a purplish-red abaxial surface. Rounded tubers grow from the axils of the leaves and are called "zero remainders", which have the function of storing nutrients and water and reproducing. In spring and summer, the adult plant produces reddish-brown, pot-shaped flowers, about an inch long, followed by ramshorn-shaped fruits.

It can be placed in pots next to TVs and computers, and can be planted indoors to absorb formaldehyde and other substances and purify the air.


Care Tips

Light: Care in diffused light, avoid direct light, especially in summer, strong light is easy to burn the foliage, thus affecting the growth of the plant. If the environment is too shady and not enough light for a long time, the nodes will easily grow and lose their ornamental value.

Water: Every time you water, you must see the pot dry before watering. Use the weighing pot method and feel the pot gently, then you can water. Ceropegia woodii is very drought-resistant and water-storing. If you find that the plant stops growing in winter, it is dormant, so don't water it or water it less.

Soil: A well-drained cultivation medium needs to be chosen. It is easy to buy a cultivation medium such as succulent soil, which contains a certain amount of nutrients and ensures good water permeability and air permeability.

Potting: It is recommended to use ceramic pots, ceramic pots have a certain degree of permeability, clay pots lose water too fast, plastic pots retain water too strong, and poor permeability. Also they do best in hanging baskets. 

Temperature: The growing temperature is 59-77°F (15-25℃), with spring and summer being the peak growing seasons. Winter temperatures should not fall below 50°F (10℃), which can easily frostbite the leaves and tubers and cause the plant to die. If possible, place the plant outside in a ventilated place and move it indoors in winter. Of course, it can also be maintained indoors on the balcony all year round, just open the windows frequently for ventilation. 

Humidity: Ceropegia woodii grows well in average household humidity levels when grown indoors. Does not like too much humidity. Normal household humidity is good for this plant.


Shipping & Handling

    • The String of Hearts plants are shipped with the pot and soil
    • You will receive a very similar plant to the one shown in the photos; shape and color may vary
    • Ship within USA & its outlying territories only
    • Please visit Order Processing & Shipping info page for additional details


    Care Instructions

    Please visit our Succulent Care info page for more details.

    To ensure the health of succulents, it is important to plant them in porous, well-draining soil. Succulents require little watering, but don't like to sit in wet soil. To create an adequate cactus mix, simply add pumice, perlite, or grit to cactus soil to provide the proper drainage.

    Make sure to leave drought periods between waterings to prevent the plant from water-logging.


    Weather Conditions

    • When ordering, be mindful that living succulents can be damaged by the cold weather.
    • If you live in an area that is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, please add a shipping warmer to your order or consider purchasing plant until the weather is more suitable.
    • Shipping Warmer: 72+ Hours Heat Packs available for $1.7 each

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