Beginner's Guide to Succulents

Beginner's Guide to Succulents

There are so many varieties of succulents to choose from. Additionally, succulents are easy to grow, so they're a wonderful option for beginners. They are also great for indoors in pots, so you can grow them even if you don't have a garden. 



What are succulents?

There are many species, and they vary in how they look from their shapes to sizes to colors. They do have thick leaves or stems where water can be stored. They are resistant to droughts. Succulents also require little care.


Where should you grow succulents? 

They can usually be grown both inside and outside. They can survive almost anywhere since they're resilient. 



Which succulents should you choose? 

If you're looking to grow succulents outside, plants like Sempervivums, Aeoniums, stonecrops, or cacti would do best. If you're looking for indoor plants, Haworthias, Crown of Thorns, Donkey's Tail would be a great options. 


What pot should you use? 

It's important to choose pots with a drainage hole. This is because if the plants sit in soil that's wet for a long time, root rot would likely occur. With a drainage hole, they will dry out much faster. 



What soil should you use? 

You should use soil that's well-draining. A good option would be either a cactus or succulent potting mix. You can also make it yourself using potting soil, coarse sand, and gravel that's crushed and mixing them together. 


How should you water succulents?  

They should be watered when the soil is dry to the touch. The best method to water succulents is to completely soak the soil and allow it to dry out completely before watering again. 

How often you water the plants depends on your climate, soil and the type of succulents you are growing. When the weather gets hot your succulents will need more water than in the winter when it’s cold and they are dormant. Succulents with thick leaves will tolerate longer periods of drought, whereas succulents with thinner leaves will need to be watered a little more frequently.

Watering once a week is a good place to start if you’re unsure of how often to water. However, you’ll want to adjust based on temperature and the type of succulent you’re growing. Look for signs of watering problems to help determine if you need to increase or decrease your watering frequency.



What are the light requirements for succulents? 

This can depend on the type of succulent but generally they do best in bright light, and they should get a minimum of 6 hours of natural light daily. 

Full sun in combination with temperatures above 90 can damage most succulents. Morning and/or evening sun with afternoon full or partial shade would work the best.

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