Resin Plant Pot
Resin Plant Pot
Resin Plant Pot
Resin Plant Pot
Resin Plant Pot
Resin Plant Pot

Resin Plant Pot

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Cute plant pots made of resin that are good-looking, resistant to wear, tear, weather, and even impact damage.

Resin is made using a special composite blend that is a low-density polyethylene; it is not plastic and it originates as a powder and is made into a liquid before being baked into molds at just the right temperature. Resin is incredibly lightweight and can be made to look like many different materials for a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Resin Plant Pots:

1. Resin planters withstand fluctuating extreme temperatures

2. Resin can look like anything you want it to

3. Resin is incredibly light weight

4. Eco friendly to manufacture & recycle

5. Resin is resistant to graffiti

6. Resin retains its color

7. Resin does not corrode

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